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Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs for Weight Loss Review

Who does not want to stay in shape? We are crazed out with the concept of weight loss. A tiny possibility is enough to make us run towards a probable weight loss solution. While it is true that the market is overflowing with hoaxes and tall claims, once in a while some products do come in that are true to their words. One such product is Green Coffee Beans that stirred up the weight loss industry around a decade back. Most of you might be unaware of this version of coffee right? None the less, green coffee is a globally celebrated weight loss ingredient and has an immense fan following. Today, we will evaluate Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs for its efficacy.

Product Description

Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs is a vegetarian and FDA certified the organic product. It looks like normal coffee beans that you are used to seeing at the coffee vending machines but these are green in color and not brown. The green coffee beans come with a lot of impressive health claims including weight loss. The product, as stated by the company, is 100 natural, unprocessed and therefore 100 percent safe.

What matters the most are the users who actually use the product and as far as this product is concerned, the users seem to be pretty impressed.


The green-coffee-beans-ingredients-content the product is 100% organic and raw coffee beans from the plant Coffee Arabica. The regular coffee which you are used to looks brown because they are roasted. This simple process of roasting changes a lot of natural properties of coffee beans.

Coffee has an undesirable element called caffeine. To make green coffee beans a true health booty, it is decaffeinated i.e. caffeine is extracted out from the beans. Hence, Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs are loaded with health benefits.Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs contains 50%** chlorogenic Acid. This is the exact level that Dr. Oz advices people to consume.

Mechanism of ActionNutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs

The idea of coffee being a weight loss aid might seem ridiculous to some however, there is a strong reason behind green coffee being recommended and used as a weight loss ingredient.

Coffee contains a chemical constituent called Chlorogenic Acid (CGA). This is the element that gives green coffee its weight loss property and other health benefits. CGA is an antioxidant that has powerful biological effects like anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic. It is also shown to improve lipid metabolism, triglycerides levels, and obesity-related hormones. CGA tends to slow down the absorption of sugar after a meal and thus tends to reduce the GI of a meal. CGA also is potent in increasing insulin response within the body. This is of immense benefit for diabetics. Also, lesser sugar being absorbed means lesser is being stored and converted to fat.

Secondly, CGA also has a strong effect on the liver – one of the primary organs when it comes to fat metabolism. It prevents the liver from storing more fat and promote fat metabolism. It, therefore, helps in controlling weight gain, LDL levels, and cholesterol levels.

All these together make CGA and thus, green coffee beans a powerful weight loss ingredient. When the beans are roasted, the CGA and other acids become weaker. Also, roasting increases the concentration of Caffeine in the beans by several folds. Green Coffee has only about 20 mg of caffeine in a cup while roasted coffee has 120 mg to 150 mg of caffeine in a cup. Hence, do not think about replacing green coffee with brown coffee, they are far from being the same.

Health BenefitsNutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs

Green-coffee-beans-health-benefits contains 50%** chlorogenic Acid. This is the exact level that Dr. Oz advices people to consume. promise a lot of health benefits as given below:

• Correct Chlorogenic Acid Value – 50%**
• 60 capsule pack for each month
• Free from fillers/binders or chemicals
• Natural and herbal
• FDA/FSSAI Approved
• No known side effects
• Effective results from 1st month*

How to Use Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs?Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs

You need to extract the CGA from the coffee beans to enjoy health benefits. Here is how you need to prepare your Green Coffee Bean Extract:

  • Take 350 ml of water (approximately 1 cup) and 15 to 20 grams of green coffee beans. It is better to use filtered or bo\iled water.
  • Boil the two together in a teapot or pan with a lid. Now let it simmer on low flame for 15 minutes. This will ensure that the contents of the Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs are thoroughly extracted.
  • Turn off the flame and allow it to sit for an hour at least.
  • Filter out the beans to get the extract.

You may prepare your daily requirement of green coffee extract together and store it in a bottle or pot. Prepare fresh extract daily.

Dosage: For significant results, have Perennial Lifesciences green coffee bean extract at least 2 to 3 times a day.

Goodness In The Cup

  • Weight loss is the most strongly emphasized health prospect of the green coffee beans and the number of happy users proves that it is not just a claim.
  • One user who has been taking green coffee extract for a week said that he found “Green Coffee to be very effective.” The user mentioned that he lost 4 kgs in just a week. He was taking green coffee bean extract along with a healthy diet and he achieved great results.
  • Another user who had been taking Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs regularly quoted that it was the “Best one.” The user has lost 5 kgs in a month and a half and was very happy with the results.
  • One more user mentioned that the product was “Amazing” and he lost 6 kgs in just 2 months.
    A super happy user mentioned that he lost 3 kgs in just 15 days while another one mentioned that she lost 3 kgs in only 20 days. Some users also mentioned that the product was great for cutting down belly fat.
  • It was also reported that the product helped consumers in managing their appetite.
    One user said that the product helped him to “Tone down the appetite.”
  • Another user said that the product helped her to “curb the appetite.”
  • Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs are rich in antioxidants. They also improve the digestion and regulate blood pressure. They, therefore, tend to give you an overall healthy feeling.
  • A user who had started taking Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs mentioned that even though she was not taking it regularly (as recommended) she could still feel the difference. The product gave her an “Energetic feeling and freshness.”
  • Another Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs user mentioned that “He never felt better.” The product gave him an energy boost and he was able to hit the gym again.

Not Everyone’s Cup of Coffee

  • A number of users have mentioned that they did not like the taste of the coffee bean extract. However, it is not fair to mark down the product over this. These are coffee beans and you are having pure bean extract; it is bound to be bitter. The company never said that the drink is delicious. Those of you, who do not have tolerance for anything that is bitter; add a spoonful of honey to it.

We analyzed the user reviews and on holding pros against cons, we found that around 70 percent of the users have had an amazingly positive experience with Nutralyfe Green Coffee Herbs.

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